Lincoln County, Arkansas

    1% Jail Sales Tax

    ELECTION ON MAY 22, 2018
    ● 4,744 square feet
    ● 18 bed total, cannot hold women
    ● 2017 Sales Tax $625,000.00 goes into county general
    ● Current Jail budget: $509,000.00
    ● Paying average of $40 per women a day to house women in local counties.
    ● County has numerous warrants for female that aren’t served due to limited female holding facilities.
    24 HOUR JAIL
    ● Projected Jail Budget: $540,000.00
    ●18 bed total, cannot hold women
    ● Housing prisoners outside Lincoln County estimated $569,320.00 per year.
    ● Estimated Mileage: $49,060.00 per year
    ● Extra miles and depreciation of county vehicles
    ● To meet jail standards estimated cost is $3.5 to $4 million dollars for old jail.
    ● To operate first year as a 24-hour facility will cost county estimated $1,253,119.22.
    ● An average of 4 trips to take prisoners to and from jail and court.
    ● Transporting prisoners to and from medical facilities.
    ● Officers will be out of the county unable to perform duties when transporting prisoners.
    ● 14,000 square feet
    ● 42 beds total, flexible pods to hold up to 20 women
    ● 5/8 or .625% of 1% sales tax will pay for construction ($390,000.00) per year
    ● The 5/8 of the 1% sales tax will end when jail bonds are paid off (estimated 20 to 25 years)
    ● 3/8 or .375% of 1% sales tax pay for maintenance and operations ($234,375.00) per year
    ● Estimated Jail Cost: 6 million dollars
    ● Available beds space to rent to other counties will bring income to Lincoln County.
    ● Project Life for new jail is 50 years.

    Lincoln County Road Department

    The storms during the past months have caused major damage to some of the county road system and the bridges.  Please be patient as we continue to repair these roads and continue to maintain others.

    Please notify the Road Department of any issues with the County Roads.  The office manager at the Road Department updates the list daily (the most hazardous have top priority) and the Road Department is working to get all roads repaired and graded.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Alexander Road will be CLOSED Thursday, March 15th for pipe installation starting at 7:30 am. until installation has been completed.  The area that will be closed is approximately 1.5 miles north of Alexander and Autumn Hills Intersection.  No Traffic will be allowed THRU for ANY Reason.

    Lincoln County Recycling

    ~~Lincoln County Recycling Center

    At the Lincoln County Recycling Center we can accept the following:
    1. Cardboard
    2. Paper
    3. News paper
    4. Tires
    5. Furniture
    6. Appliances
    7. Electronic Equipment
    8. Metal Items
    9. Concrete
    10. Bricks
    11. Plastic
    Items that are not allowed:
    1. Wire
    2. Yard waste
    3. Building Materials
    4. Paint

    Recycel Center open on the 1st Saturday of Each Month from 7-12 thru September.

    Call to schedule a pick up for furniture or appliances.